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  • IP-Admin - Centralized IP Address Manager  v.3.12IP-Admin - Centralized IP Address Manager 3.12 is an application for its users and administrators to get access to the ip database using only a Web browser. No need to install additional client software just to manage your enterprise IP network. You ...
  • USB over IP Network  v.2.4Connect any USB device over IP (local area network or the Internet)with USB over IP Network. It lets you share any USB device that is located on a remote PC over a LAN/WAN/VLAN/VPN or Internet and use it as if it was plugged into your own PC.
  • CTG Network Manager  v.2015.5.0CTG Network Manager - IT Network Management and Monitoring Software that provides any IT Department with the ability to track all aspects of an IT assets life cycle from purchase, to deployment, inventory, software management, monitoring, incidents ...
  • Enterprise IP - Address Manager  v.3.2.1aEnterprise IP - Address Manager is an easy-to-use program for assigning, cataloging, and maintaining IP addresses and host data. This open database software supports stand-alone or networked installation and multiple users.
  • AggreGate Network Manager for Windows  v.4.11.03AggreGate SNMP Network Manager is a system for supervision and monitoring of IP networks with different routers, switches, servers, sensors and other network-enabled devices. It has unique data processing and integration capabilities.
  • AggreGate Network Manager  v.5.11.03AggreGate Network Manager is an umbrella IT management platform. It provides out-of-the-box monitoring for IP networks, servers, routers, applications, services, traffic and performance.
  • AggreGate Network Manager for Linux  v.5.01.00AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network management platform. The system provides a rich set of data processing tools for monitoring IP networks, servers, routers, applications, services, traffic and performance.
  • IP Network Browser  v.1.06Discover devices on your network and log valuable information. Scan one device, a subnet, or an IP range. Just enter a beginning and ending IP and see what IPs are being used for within that range.
  • Terminus Network Manager  v.0.0.5Terminus Network Manager is a general purpose network administrator.
  • Active Directory Network Manager  v.2.1Active Directory Network Manager provides a comprehensive solution to network administration by providing the following tools: 1. Onscreen Search Module * Integrated onscreen searches of any Active Directory field * Sort through account information ...
  • Network Manager (NM)  v.1.1NM (Network Manager) is a utility program designed to simplify the admin work on NT based systems. It provides strong tools for performing the usual tasks and introduces a new automation mechanism for performing serious tasks which require long times ...
  • Visual Network Manager  v.1.0Visual Network Manager (VNM) software manages your critical network assets across your entire infrastructure, integrating disparate data from multiple vendors, protocols, and legacy systems into a single web portal.
  • IP-Admin Centralized IP Address Manager  v.2.70IP-Admin Centralized IP Manager is a feature rich client/server web-based application that will provide an easy way to approach the time consuming spreadsheet method of keeping track of your IP enterprise. Below is a detailed description of some of ...
  • DGard Network Manager  v.2010.1.3The intuitive network analysis and systems management tool for small businesses providing the insight and power you need to quickly and easily understand - and control - every aspect of your systems in real time.
  • ASN Active Directory Network Manager  v.2.0web based application which helps Administrators to manage the computers in different Domains. Services, Processes, Devices, Shares, Sessions, User rights,drives,environment variables, Bulk move, add to group, remove from group, enable/disable features.
  • Home Network Manager  v.3.0.8Home Network Management Software ...
  • Connex Network Manager for Windows  v.1.0Connex is an application that allows Network Administrators ...
  • Universal Network Manager  v.1.0An application designed to manage a variety of network devices (routers, switches,...) from a single application. The project provides a tool for use in networks with devices from different manufacturers.
  • Burst Switching for IP network  v.1.0This is an implementation of burst communication between the multiple clients which will be sending the messages simultaneously. It has been implemented using JMS and java sockets.
  • Security Network Manager  v.1.0This is a Firewall and IDS front-end, the main purpose is simplify configuration of Iptables and Fwsnort and Psad management. The Firewall provides an experimental feature to decide in real-time about each outgoing connection.
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